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Lollipop images are for every lover of life.......

Lollipop is a small, Cheshire based start-up. We care about our environment, people and culture. A life long passion for walking, cycling and exploring mountain regions, Lakes, Peaks and Dales, traversing our "very British" rural landscape.  


We provide affordable artwork with top notch fine art materials and bindings.  We use a Giclee Fine Art printing process and recommended Fine ART Guild UK guidelines..  Please view our Gallery, 

Every Picture Tells a Story....

Living and travelling abroad, combined with a zest for learning, culture, diversity and historical significance is captured in  the 'Iconic & Bygones' and 'Arabic Art & Culture'  categories.


Many images are sketched from areas of outstanding beauty and cultural heritage, recognised by  UNESCO World Heritage .........but innaccessible to the rest of the world.

Lollipop images capture the 'unseen'......

Lollipop images and the 'British scene'.......

A special interest is in our  Canal and Rivers network, connecting historic Towns and Villages, with a vital industrial blood line; now turned into a great British escape.  Add the historical and cultural heritage of great British trading regions and you have a kaleidescope of innovation...


Indeed, our family earned a living from the canal network, going back 2 generations,  as Carters, hauling goods between Liverpool and Runcorn and along the Mersey, Shropshire Union and Manchester Ship Canals. We are tracking their history.

Lollipop pictures created by you for you........

We take care in managing the whole imaging supply chain and offer a more personal, bespoke service. Let us transform your own snapshot "moments" into a beautiful keepsake Giclee Print and/or card that you can use as a family signature, gift, hand-me-down or keepsake. Unique, forever yours.......  previous private commissions here.

"On the good ship lollipop, Its a night trip into bed you hop , and dream away  On the good ship lollipop",