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Stoke-on-Trent, City of Culture. We aim to raise awareness over our Culture, our People, our Trades, our Art, our Science and our Innovation - we will do it through quality Giclee artwork and eevery picture will tell the story!

This page illustrates some of the prints produced as commissions to support and raise awareness of Stoke-on-Trent as the City of Culture.  They range from pictorial illustrations of trades, architecture and people of Stoke to actual heritage sites of interest with their incredible histories. These include ancient or historirical sites - like Ford Green Hall - the old farming and Yoeman site with its perfectly retained architecure as well as  Stoke-on-Trent Potteries industry sites, trades and workplaces - from the bellowing chimney stacks and red hot bottle shaped kilns to the wheels that turned the miners chairs. Our great halls and civic centres of architectural significance with their aeathetics and 'darker' secrets of the past. Architectural icons like Keele Hall, Fenton Hall, The Kings Hall and Hanley Town Hall. We aim to support local charities, friendly asociations and socities and small businesses who raise awarness about our culture.


The trades from Saggar Makers - those who made the Saggars protect the heated erthernware and pottery and Bottom Knockers - assisted the Saggar makers by making the Saggar bottoms and learning the trade. Etruria lock and canal system - teh 18 mile bloodline for the pottery and pre-rail coal mining sectors, now recreational and educational heritage sites and so many architectural sites of significance - from Academic institutes sponsored by Royalty for the development of the Potteries trades and Stokeon Trent/Six Towns Peoples and the great innovators who have influenced technology throughout the last 5 centuries.