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Pre and Post Printing, Drying, Storage and Packaging standards

1. Sheets are hand fed into a high resolution printer - the highest quality inking process for Glicee artwork

2. We handle the print with care as the surface can be easily damaged or contaminated.

3. We allow each  print to dry thoroughly for up to 24 hours. Prints cannot be stacked and need to have air circulating freely around the artwork

4. Any packaged prints are placed in non placistized envelopes

5. We need to take care that our coated papers do not react to any kind of organic solvent, plasticisers or antioxidants to avoid discoloration

We endeaour to frame all our prints to to archival standards as indicated by the Fine Art Trade Guild and ISO 18902 for imaging materials, processed imaging materials, albums, framing and storage materials.

6. We use 100% guaranteed acid free, non-aging, non-yellowing ph7 nutral adhesive binding tape. It is permanent and difficult to remove once bonding is complete.

7. We use the highest brand mounting tape which is coated with photo-safe, permanent adhesive without the mess of glues.

8. Artwork is stored in ambient, temperature controlled conditions during the drying and packaging process.

The customer will receive a finished Glicee Original Print which has followed the recommended professional standards for Fine Art Printing, Framing and Storage, and will enjoy the benefts of the product from its long aging and non-fading characteristics. Rest assured that only the finest meterials and processes are used by Lollipop. Any disatisfaction with any of the finished prints will receive a full refund or exchange within 28 days of Purchase. your statutary rights are not affected.