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William - "The Bargee!"

Family Roots and Canals



William, Grandfather and father of 10 children, left Oxford University in his 2nd year, married a Lancashire Lass and settled down between Liverpool and Runcorn. He ran a canal barge business and as far as we can tell, is listed as a Carter in the church where he got married to our Grandmother, Winnifred.



4 children died of Meningitis and the surviving children lived around the Mersey and Runcorn area for the remainder of their lives. 5 boys, one girl.



We are searching the Irish roots (mainly Donegal) for this gaelic canal entrpreneur as there seems to have been a drastic split between the Oxfordonian-scholar-turned 'Carter', and the family who supported his education around 1890-1904.


Present Day

However, the rest of the family retained their identity, living in and around some of the largest network of canals in England.  Our affinity to the canals and rivers is innate, it seems, forever drawn to water.


'Very British'

Our aim is to promote our 'Very British' Canals and Countryside, Culture and History, through artwork, and photograpy; to raise awareness and create a place for people to understand and appreciate what has gone before them and what can be utilised now.