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Why Lollipop?

8 reasons for giving us a try


1. Fine Art should be worth it!

Affordable artwork using top notch fine art materials and bindings.  

2. Fine Art Guild (UK)

Our printing process follows these important guidlines

3. Signed, Limited, Numbered, Gauranteed

Prints based on a mission around preserving our culture, history and life skills.

4. Topographical, unique, meaningful

Every image/piece researched  - "Every Picture Tells a Story"

5. UNESCO World Heritage

Giclee Prints and cards to order, beautiful places from around the world

6. Hand made cards

15 Categories, 100  themes,  1000's of images.  Buy, sell , make some money.

7. Personalisation - design service

Your own look; own message?  Great for gift vouchers, weddings, invites.

8. We try our best!